Joining in on the Bitcoin revolution is Multilotto.

One thing is certain, however: Bitcoin is the topic of conversation at the moment. It remains to be seen whether or not the cryptocurrency mania will be able to survive the current turbulent financial climate and continue in the market. Those who possess any type of buying power are going into a frenzy at the mere mention of Bitcoin or Blockchain. Even many who have been critical of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gradually coming around to the idea that they may have been wrong about their validity and endurance. Whether you like it or not, Multilotto has lately introduced a brand-new lottery game that is based on Bitcoin (you guessed it). A lottery draw is held each day of the week, with the exception of Sundays, and players now have the opportunity to win a jackpot that is worth a total of one thousand Bitcoins. Following in the footsteps of Multilotto’s recent expansion of their portfolio of online lotto games with the addition of a number of other games such as IrishLotto and Cash4Life, the Bitcoin lottery has now been launched.

Recognizing Relevance

The recent frenzy that has surrounded Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies led to the launch of a brand new jackpot lotto game that is based on Bitcoin. The chief executive officer of Multilotto, Thomas Biro, has stated that the timing is ripe for a lottery game that incorporates Bitcoin as a result of Bitcoin becoming a buzzword that has dominated everything from gaming to investing markets over the course of the previous year. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin has become increasingly popular over the course of the last year. After all, Bitcoin is now such an integral part of the way that we conduct business that it is even conceivable to use it to purchase something as straightforward and routine as a pizza.


There are a lot of people who are interested in the change that Bitcoin is causing, and there are a lot of people who play Multilotto. The thought that there is a chance of winning a huge number of Bitcoins on a daily basis is an exciting one indeed. Bitcoin is seen by many technologists and internet specialists with a financial background as the vehicle that will be moving markets forward in the not too distant future. When used as a form of online payment, cryptocurrencies provide a multitude of benefits, including the ability to conduct transactions in a manner that is both digital and data-driven. If you believe that Bitcoin is a risky security that is bound to tumble in on its own core at any minute, or if you are of a more liberal and financially adventurous nature, winning 1,000 Bitcoins is bound to make a believer, or at least a fan, out of anyone. This is true whether you have a very conservative outlook on financial markets and currency economics, or if you are of a more liberal and financially adventurous nature.


You have the option of collecting your rewards in a cash value that is equivalent to the value of the Bitcoin winnings if you are completely dedicated to the idea that you would never interact with cryptocurrencies in any manner, shape, or form.

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