Mark Smith of Quickspin discusses the game Dwarfs Gone Wild.

Dwarfs Gone Wild, the newest slot machine released by Quickspin, is one of the games that players are looking forward to playing the most in June. The Stockholm-based software firm has begun a multi-pronged advertising effort with the goal of getting slots players interested and the industry hype-wheels turning in anticipation of what they are billing as their largest release of the year for real money casinos operating online.

A significant portion of the marketing effort is centered on a movie-length trailer that was uploaded to YouTube, as well as four shorter-length movies that presented the main characters of the slot game, including the Bomber, Racer, Banker, Strongman, Blacksmith, and Huntsmen. The well-known tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs serves as the inspiration for this video game.


The ideas and musings of Quickspin’s Mark Smith

Mark Smith, a major game developer for Quickspins, claims that the company has made the decision to re-focus the plot away from that of the Grimm’s fairy-tale and the Disney movie.


Smith stated in a video interview that they “kind of put a twist on it,” and that they “put the focus on the dwarfs.” We offer you an intimate peek at what their lives are about as well as some undiscovered characteristics and abilities that they truly have. “We feel that they are the most energizing and interesting characters of that story.”


In point of fact, a significant portion of the creative objective of his team was to combine the characters with a contemporary video slot.


Smith goes on to say that “a significant portion of our focus was placed on developing these unique aspects for the dwarves.” There were a great number of “fun creative meetings, where we delved into the inside thinking of and what these characters actually are, and what some abilities they might have, and through those abilities, we gave them slot features.”


But that wasn’t the end of it; Smith decided that Dwarfs Gone Wild would be “Quickspin’s most ambitious effort to date.”


Smith claims that he and the rest of the crew have been toiling away at “Dwarfs Gone Wild,” shedding “blood, sweat, and tears” in the process. “It comes jam-packed with seven features and the bonus, which is a mystery feature in the base game… tokens that can be spent later on, saving your progress even if you go in and out of the game…”


Quickspin has made it very apparent what their goals are with this work; it is not intended to be a minimalist or subtle piece of art. In a candid and energizing moment, Smith adds, “We really went all out and built this one-of-a-kind and fascinating environment for all of our gamers to enjoy… We have attempted to incorporate as much information as possible into a single title.


When is it going to be released?

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